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I can hear the angels singing the sweetest melody
They are singing hallilula to the one who died for me
and now I've joined the chourus for all eternity
and sing thank you Jesus you gave your life for me

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Morning all well time for the first of the long days at work hope they are good ones chat later God bless you and be with you

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The other day a minister was on the tv and they were talking about creation he said he didn't believe that the Lord created everything how sad for him to be doing a job that he doesn't believe in and lives in a world that he can't see what we see

They say there's no God,can they not see
the beautiful flowers and the mighty oak tree
They say it,s evolution the big bang don,t you know
It was an accident that caused things to grow
But the hill they cry out and the birds they do sing
It was a great and mighty God who created everything
The miricale of birth the child in the womb
But they wil soon met for he is coming back soon

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hi all it's been awhile sincw I last spoke due to course work and exam preperation well it's nearly over. Two weeks to exam but first have a weeks holiday to look forward to so revising on the beach how cool is that. But first two long days at work but will think about that tomorrow today is a bank holiday I get to spend the day with my lovely husband but have to do some house work so will chat later have a good dayu

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Hi all when we woke up this morning to a blanket of snow it is like a winter wonderland


Hi friends would like to share a wee thought with you. How often do we say thank you?
God does so much for us and we take it for granted. We grumble and complain when thing go wrong but never say thank you when we are blessed. My friend Melissa told me why they have thanks giving in America to thank the Lord for blessings when they had very little at the time of the settlers. So my friends remember in all things give thanks for he has given us so much.